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Joe Maddux




"Struggling with your finances and not sure what to do next? I've been there. In 2015 I was burnt out from my high-tech career, and all I had to show for it was a range of health problems and a pile of debt."




As a career-driven engineer, I worked diligently for 15+ years but unfortunately accumulated debt early on, buying things that helped me be perceived as "successful" by society, friends, and family. Shortly after my 31st birthday, at an annual wellness check, my doctor informed me that my lifestyle had put me at risk for an early heart attack. This eye-opening diagnosis left me feeling hopeless, overwhelmed, and afraid. The fear stemmed not just from my health diagnosis but also from financial anxiety and concern that my mismanagement of money would limit my chances for future wealth or financial stability.  

I was determined not to let the financial fear paralyze me and instead got serious about my money issues and setting goals. I reset my money mindset and learned how to invest in my future. I researched everything I could find about optimizing personal finances and increasing wealth from nothing. Over time, I taught myself strategies for debt reduction, value-based budgeting, and lessening financial stress. As a result, I was able to pay off over $80k in debt in less than 12 months by adopting more intentionality with how I was spending. My feelings of anxiety were lifted, and instead, I became energized by the feeling of "financial freedom" that I had achieved in a short time. I wanted to share my learnings and help others change their financial approach, so I gave my recipe to friends, family, and colleagues and witnessed the change in their lives.

Fast-forward to today; I'm now thriving financially by living debt-free, owning and investing in real estate, and maximizing contributions to my investment accounts. Managing and stabilizing my finances allowed me to make the decision to retire at the age of 36 from the engineering career I no longer found fulfilling. I had revamped my lifestyle by prioritizing my physical, emotional, and financial health. Now I'm able to focus on things that bring me happiness, like traveling the world and pouring everything I have into my role as a Money Coach, which aligns with my passion areas and enables me to help others. My mission is to share my knowledge and techniques on financial wellness to help people achieve their own path to financial independence.

 Our values drive everything we do.





Financial wellness should be accessible to everyone. You deserve to succeed and be wealthy, no matter your background. We will not judge past decisions, and we will help anyone who wants to improve their financial situation.



Level Up will never sell your information, and we do not take commissions. The coaching you receive is customized to your situation, and it is what we would do, given the same circumstances. Our word is our bond.



You should feel happy and fulfilled now, not just once you pay off your debt. We help you build a financial picture filled with joy in the present while you also make those big plans for the future. We believe there is a unique, healthy balance for everyone.



Level Up honors our commitments to our clients, and we will deliver the highest quality in everything we do. We are here to support you and keep you motivated if you stumble along your path to financial independence.

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